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Jack Hodder QC is a leading adviser and advocate on commercial, regulatory and public law matters.  In addition to tactical and strategic advice, his work has included appearances in hundreds of cases involving litigation or arbitration. In these cases he has appeared at interlocutory, trial and appeal hearings, including the Privy Council and the Supreme Court.


Since 2015 he has been actively practising as a barrister sole from Thorndon Chambers (Wellington) and Shortland Chambers (Auckland). He was previously a national litigation partner in Chapman Tripp (1991-2015 – including chairing the firm’s board, 2008-2014).  He has been a Law Commissioner (1986-1991), and been a member of the Legislation Advisory Committee, of the Attorney-General’s Working Party on replacement of Privy Council appeals, and of the Regulatory Reform Taskforce.


Jack was a founding editor of “The Capital Letter” (1978-2006), and has delivered numerous papers on a wide range of law-related topics.  He has undergraduate degrees in political science and law from the Victoria University of Wellington, and a Master of Laws from the University of London (London School of Economics/University College London).



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